I feel like this comic has been a long time coming. When I finished my first graphic novel, Cubicles, I debated what my next project should be. This went one for a lot longer then I would have liked. I wanted to do the second volume of Cubicles, I wanted to go back to do a web strip, I wanted to work on my ‘epic’. But in the back of my brain, this cocky little guy with green hair kept popping up.

Pickle. He was one of my first characters I created when I was trying to learn all this comiking stuff. It started off as ‘Pickle and Todd’, two well dressed guys who were spectral detectives. No ghost they couldn’t force into the white light. Pickle was supposed be throw away character, just something to practice with. But the more I drew him, the more I fell in love with him.

But I wasn’t ready to tell his story. I needed more practice. So that is when I created Cubicles. A webstrip about two sides of my personality and the office day job. Cubicles was also supposed to be throw away practice, but I fell in love with Wally and Ost just as much as Pickle. How can you not love all your babies, right? Then Cubicles became a graphic novel and I think I got a little better at this comic stuff.

So now I was ready to tackle something new. So I would sketch out ideas and figure out what I wanted, but Pickle was always back there trying to get my attention. I would continually sketch him, evolving his look. One day I hit it perfectly and I knew this was the next story I was going to write.

You may be asking ‘what about Todd?’ Well he is still around, very much changed. You’ll get to see him eventually. But I realized I had no main female character. So Todd was replaced with Trish, which you will meet soon. She is pretty awesome and she gives me a chance to draw my favorite hairstyle.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you have as much fun with Pickle as I do.

I’ll leave you with this evolution of a Pickle.