Well I hope you enjoyed the first 4 pages.  Today marks the first official Thursday update.

In related news (related because it is news about me), C2E2 is this weekend.  I will be in the artist alley, table A15.  Me and Larry Watts will be sharing a table and kicking it with James, art collector extraordinaire.

I’ve been informed we will be sandwiched between Carl Peterson and Freddie Williams. Wowzers.

If you will be at C2E2 and want to pre-order a commission, just drop me an email at walterostlie at gmail dot com.

I setup Shiver Bureau on Top Web Comics, so if you could swing by and drop me a vote, that would be awesome.  It’s just 2 clicks and no sign up.  As an added bonus you can see the thumbnail for this page.  Vote!