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I’ve recently birthed an obsession for French comics.  This is actually kind of a problem for me because I can’t speak or read French.  So I have 4 French graphic novels that I can’t read and several others that I’ve barely restrained from buying.  The 4 I have I got from, so I had to use all my experience of purchases to decipher what I was doing.

If you want to share my addicition then turn your browser to and be prepared to choke on all the inspirational storytelling.

I’ve actually started trying to learn French so I can try to decipher some of this awesomeness.

So here’s a few of my favorite artists I’ve stumbled upon so far.

Joseph Lacroix is actually working on an American comic via DC comics.  It’s a comic adaption of Diablo.  The writing is a little word heavy, but the art is amazing.  He has a bit of Mignola flare to him.  His French comic is called Pythons and those are the ones I really want.

Patrick Boutin-Gagné Oh man, this guy, just makes me sick.  His panels glide from one to the next.  It’s like a roller coaster for your eyeballs.  He has two books, both of which I want really bad.  Brogunn and La Bete Du Lac.

Pierre Alary was the man that made me buy my first French books.  There is something kind of like early Disney in his art, not only the charm but amazing, spot on storytelling.