You want to read the most awesome, hilarious, and disturbing comic ever!  Then read Two Guys and Guy, a.k.a TWOGAG, a.k.a 2GAG, a.k.a 2AWESOME.

And I am not just saying that because the creator, Rickard, is a really good buddy of mine.

2GAG really is a great comic.  I am not sure how he takes the most horrible people and makes them likable.  One is a self centered, sadistic siren with a soul of black. Another I’m pretty sure is a mad scientist bent on either ruling or destroying earth.  Aliens are afraid of this guy.  The last is of unknown origin.  Is he a clone, is he a robot, is his IQ higher then that of a newborn?

Lots of dark humor and luscious artwork to gorge yourself on, you won’t even notice your soul shriveling up into a sickly black pit of hatred and loathing.

Before you ask, yes this is a take on Walking Dead and Michonne with some crazy grindhouse colors.  I hadn’t really intended the colors, but it just sort of happened.  Here is the original ink wash.  Wanted to included because I had some fancy pink watercolor on it.