Well, I guess I’ve been sort of a git, haven’t I? It’s been over 2 months and no update. Shame on me. It’s time to rectify!

First off, the comic isn’t dead. More on that later.

Secondly, I want to thank everyone for their support. Whether you posted a comment, emailed me directly, or even just thought ‘Hey, Shiver Bureau is pretty cool’; it means a great deal to me. I had a huge influx of support and encouragement in the last few weeks and it feels wonderful. So again, a big hearty thank you for that! You are the people that will keep Pickle, Trish and Todd running strong.

I’ve also created PDFs of the first 2 chapters. Here are the covers to the two issues.

How do you get your hands on these wondrous PDFs?  Read on…


So what if you want to support S.B. in a more tangible way? Well now you have options (Thanks Jim for lighting the fire!).

Option 1 – Donate
Yes I have a ‘Donate’ button. Kind of silly for a comic on hiatus, I know…but wait, there’s more. If you donate more then a dollar, I will email you a link to download a PDF of chapters 1 and 2. But wait, there’s more! Inside each PDF you will not only find high quality images of every page that will look exquisite on any computer or tablet screen, but you will also find the original pages as well. These are the original, naked ink only images, free of the trappings of color and word balloons. They look a little something like this…

Option 2 – Buy Original Art
Speaking of original art; Yes, the original pages are for sale. The pages are on sale for $100. The pages were inked on 11×17 bristol with Copic microns and toned with an ink wash. Most of the pages are still available, though the intro of Trish and some of my other favorites have already been picked up.

Option 3 – Commission Art
Yes, I do commissions and I am currently open. Check the menu bar above for my commission prices. I offer two tier of commissions, sketches and full. Sketches are quicker drawings with little or no background. Full commissions are fully planned out illustrations. There are samples on the commission page.  I will draw pretty much whatever, though I don’t do nudes/porn.


Ok, enough about that. The comic is still alive and I have not abandoned it. However, I am going to be making a change to the update method. I plan on finishing the story before I start the updates back up.

Whoa! I realize this may make it seem like it will be 100 years before I update again, but that won’t be the case. Here’s my plan. I will ink all the pages and consider the story finished. Then I will begin to color/letter the pages and update the website concurrently.

Why am I doing this? Shiver Bureau is a long form story. I believe this should apply not only to the reading of the story, but also the creation. I want to be able to take the long way around in the creation and allow the story to breathe. I also think having a singular focus on pencils/inks will allow me to work faster.

But to show I am not totally heartless, once I begin updating, I will update Shiver Bureau 3 times a week. So when will I start updating again? I do not know. My life has been hectic, but it is slowing down some. Though I am not certain of the rate of deceleration. If you guys are familiar with ‘The Wormworld Saga’, he does this Milestones gauge. I will do something similar in the coming weeks. I will also post page roughs, panel teases, and other arts to help ease the wait.

Shiver Bureau’s Welcome to London story is planned as a 6 chapter story arc.  I have ideas for a second story already that will have the gang in a new location.


MegaCon was last weekend and it was a great show.  This is my 4th year and it has gotten better and better every year.  I printed a few copies of chapter 1 and chapter 2.  Chapter 1 sold out.  I sold a few more copies of my graphic novel Cubicles and did some commissions.  Check out my Facebook album to see the commissions.  Here’s is the first one I did.

Shiver Bureau’s first chapter was reviewed by Stars and Popcorn. This is a really cool website that reviews movies and has just started doing comics.  It’s a really unique website because it gives two ratings.  A stars rating and a popcorn rating.  Stars are for the snobs and popcorns are for the slobs.  Not really 😉 Stars rate the movie as an art form and popcorn rates the movie as a form of entertainment.  Read the review.

Okay, that is all for now.  Thanks for hanging in and being patient.