So here we go, time to get back on the trolley.

I’ve looked over the story and tweaked a few things and I think everything is good to proceed forward.  My plan is to ink all the way to the end chapter 6 before I start posting anything.

So in the next couple of weeks I will thumbnail all the chapters, this will be part art and part writing.  This will be fairly large hurdle.   Once I feel like I have something good I will move on to pencils.  My plan is to pencil a chapter, then ink the chapter, then pencil the next chapter, then ink and so on and so forth.  I am sure this will depend on my mood, I may pencil everything, then go and ink everything.

Once I’ve completed inking for all chapters, I will letter and color chapter 3 and that is when the posting will start.  I don’t take very long to color/letter.  They are also less stressful parts of the process, so I feel comfortable posting as I work.

I will try to post bi-weekly updates to this progress chart and also some sketches and page teases as we go forward.

Case in point…

I was planning on using this image for the progress chart and reveal a piece of the image as I made progress, but grew tired of the idea.