Back Shiver Bureau on Kickstarter!

I’ve been looking through my Shiver Bureau files and I ran across a story I didn’t even remember drawing.  It is about 7 years old and it’s just been collecting dust on my hard drive.  I never posted it online, I may have not even shown it to my wife.

I am going to be putting the 9 pages of it into the overloaded PDF as part of the Kickstarter.  I am really looking forward to adding notes to all the old images and reliving the progression I’ve made as a storyteller.  You can check out the kickstarter and get the Supersized PDF for only $10 bucks.  It will have the entire first volume, which won’t be completed posting until some time next year on the website.  It will also have b/w versions of all the pages.  On top of all that it will have all the old art, old stories and whatever else I can find tossed in.  Its going to be well over 300 pages of content.  Back Shiver Bureau on Kickstarter!

Here is the first page of the story I found next to a current page.  It is crazy to see the difference.  Do you even recognize Pickle?


Oh yeah, here is one side of the bookmark that is going out with any Kickstarter pledge of $25 or more.  No the actual bookmark will not be animated 🙂