So yeah. I love Shiver Bureau, but taking this project means I will be able to skip out on freelance work which will eventually mean I have way more free time in the long run. Which in turn means I can work on Shiver Bureau again.

The problem being that I have to get a lot of the work done on the project before I start seeing money. Don’t worry about me getting scammed, it’s legit. Besides, like I said, it is my own property. I am not working on someone else’s idea.

Also take note, my webhost is closing its doors which means I need to move my website which I will be doing soon. So the website may be down for a few days during the transition.

Thank you for reading, supporting and I hope you’ll enjoy the new project. I’ll get back to Shiver Bureau as soon as I can. I love these characters as much as you do. I already miss them.